Mission, vision and core values

Mission, vision and core values


Smink delivers products and systems of a very high quality. Products that give consumers the essential necessities of life or products that are of a high-quality technical level (luxury articles). Therefore, a varied and broad range. Smink guarantees the best possible control of high-purity liquids and gases. We achieve this through high-purity process systems and by performing orbital welding work.


Quality and the customer are always given the highest priority at Smink. We make a contribution to a better society and safer products with our products and services. Smink is a reliable and honest partner that works efficiently, safely, innovatively and competitively.

In addition, we set the highest requirements with regard to our workplace and products. The high-end industry will start to demand high purity more and more, because of its contribution to a better process control, a sustainable production, higher food safety and lower risks. Smink is at the forefront with regard to these developments. We want to play an active role in innovation, especially in the food industry.

  • Quality and the customer come first
  • Reliable and honest
  • Efficient and therefore competitive
  • Contribute to a good society
  • Focus on personal development

Core values

Driven. This is a core value that fits in perfectly with Smink. Through our drive we want to continue improving our performance. Our employees are passionate about their work and are seriously committed to our customers. Smink is positive about life and wants to contribute towards a better and healthier future (the environment is high on Smink’s agenda). In this, team performance is leading.