Our workshop

Our workshop

A short building period. This is a preference we often hear expressed. This is why fast, flexible and especially efficient prefabrication is a requirement. Working conditions in our production facility are ideal and, therefore, we can guarantee the highest quality possible.

Smink has a fully equipped workplace for the prefabrication of piping systems, high-quality skid building and modules. Everything can be delivered and installed just-in-time with our 19 orbital machines. Ranging from welding a ferrule to a valve to complete projects including Factory Acceptance Tests (FATs). We have the most advanced testing facilities to perform this.

Validation programme

Smink has a suitable validation programme for every process that is gone through to ensure that the system to be delivered is completely safe, clean and operational. We use different methods with regard to this validation.


Our workshop has extensive facilities such as its own pickling and passivation room and an ultrasonic bath. Products can be electro polished (EP) up to an RA value of 0.4 microns.

Skid building

Smink designs and produces a variety of skids in its own production facility (that is, building modularly) for WFI, HPW, PW and CIP/SIP systems.


Smink Group has an ISO- 6 qualified cleanroom environment that measures 150 square metres. Here we create high quality products under ISO 7 conditions. We offer services to, for example, the semiconductor, solar, LED and the photovoltaic (PV) industries from our cleanroom (this is not an exhaustive list). The purity of the systems can be measured in TOC and particle measuring. We can deliver products up to a GRADE 2 Cleanness in our ISO 6 cleanroom.
All products are subjected to a helium leak test or must undergo a nitrogen differential pressure test (stretch test).


Smink, naturally, also has many years of experience with on-site work. Examples are pipework and project and construction management. Our expert people ensure that the full system (including pumps, valves, control valves and other accessories and components) is installed and mounted correctly.


We will ensure a seamless integration into existing systems. Smink also delivers customisations in frame construction and sheet metal for every product and in a multitude of sectors.
Checking, testing and trial runs
can take place separately from the production zones. Installation Qualification (IQ) and Operational Qualification (OQ) up to the Factory Acceptance Test (FAT) can take place under the best conditions. This will ensure that the customer has a system that operates in a proved and documented manner.