chemical industry

Certification and reliability for the Chemical Industry

In the chemical industry, high requirements must be met with regard to equipment certification and reliability. Environmental management, safety and quality are critical factors in the chemical production process. Process control is essential. The industry has a large set of rules and protocols with regard to production and transport. cGMP (Good Manufacturing Practice) guarantees a good production process.

Chemical industry

Extensive experience

We have extensive experience in the chemical industry. This results in commitment, expertise and precision. Smink is ISO 9001 (quality standard) certified and VCA** (SCC) certified (safety standard). Our engineers design in accordance with the PED, ASME and HACCP/EHEDG regulations. We always meet the requirements as set in the new European Directive for pressure equipment: the PED. Regardless of whether this involves a monodisciplinary or multidisciplinary project, new builds or renovation projects.