Orbital welding

Within the Smink Group, process installations and pipe systems are either prefabricated in the workshop with our orbital equipment, or orbitally welded for the customer onsite, according to the relevant specifications. We can supply systems with a diameter between 1/8″ and 6″, with a closed welding head.


Orbital welding for the pharmaceutical industry

In the pharmaceutical industry, extremely high demands are imposed on the reliability of the production process. This industry requires 100% guaranteed bacterial growth inhibition. Using orbital welding and an aseptic design, contamination is completely eliminated. Orbitally welded pipe systems are documented according to an ‘as-built’ dossier, and delivered by the Smink Group to ensure maximum product safety.

Clean Utilities

On behalf of this sector, we supply pipeline systems for applications in a variety of products where the highest level of cleanliness is an absolute requirement. Clean utilities like Purified Water (PW), Water For Injection (WFI), Clean Steam (CS), Clean Compressed Air (CCA), CIP (Cleaning In Place) and SIP (Sterilisation In Place) are required to enable the production process for example within Pharmaceuticals, Life Science, Biotech and High End Food. The pipes can be deployed in water treatment systems, for the production of injection liquids, vitamins, enzymes, food supplements and ingredients (baby food). In addition to complete new turnkey systems, we also carry out modifications and upgrades on existing installations, at the customer’s location.

Infrastructure for High Purity gases

Smink also installs gas distribution systems at the customer’s premises, for gas with the highest purity levels. These pipe systems are for example used for clean nitrogen, oxygen, hydrogen or helium. Smink is often involved in projects at an early stage, in order to ensure optimum compliance with the customer’s wishes based on the URS (User Requirement Specifications) and FDS (Functional Design Specifications)

Orbital welding in cleanroom conditions

The Smink Group has a 150 m2, calibrated cleanroom, which has been ISO 6 (10,000 ppm) certified and where we produce with ISO 7 conditions . In this area, orbitally welded assemblies (the so-called weld Assy), high end gas panels and vacuum components are manufactured under cleanroom conditions.

The components and assemblies are also tested under cleanroom conditions, for particles and TOC, before being cleaned and packed for use in various demanding industrial applications such as the semi-conductor, solar and mechatronics industry.

Endoscopic testing of orbital welds

In the high purity segment of the process industry, pipe systems undergo endoscopic examination for weld quality.

To carry out this work, Smink has a team of certified weld inspectors. On customer request, an independent party can also be called in to inspect the welds according to the customer’s specifications and welding standards.



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