Skid building

Smink Group builds ready-to-use modular systems at its well-equipped workshop, where they also undergo a factory acceptance test in which all functions are minutely inspected. The test determines whether the skid meets the requirements for which it was designed, before it is integrated at the customer location, where it can immediately be put into operation.


Modular skid building

The advantages of modular skid building are short conversion times and practically no intervention in the production system, for example in the Pharmaceutical, Food or Chemical industry. Together with Actemium, the Smink Group even builds turnkey systems for the High Purity industry. In all these processes, we take total responsibility for the mechanical engineering, electrical elements, instrumentation and automation. The collaboration with Actemium relieves our customers of all their concerns. Actemium is responsible for the EI&A aspects, while the Smink Group deals with the mechanical engineering elements including tanks, pumps, heat exchangers, flow sensors, appendages and sample points etc.

Skid assemblies and high purity skid building

Skid modules can for example be deployed for the production of Purified Water (PW), Water For Injection (WFI), Clean Steam (CS) and any other high purity liquid. Skids are often used in the Pharmaceutical, Food, Life Science and Biotech industries for the production of medicines, human injection liquids, food supplements for vulnerable patient groups and vitamins. Skids are also becoming increasingly commonplace in the Chemical sector, for example for the production of raw materials for polymers (or for materials normally produced in the human body) for pharmaceutical purposes.

Project structure

Our philosophy is to get involved at the earliest possible stage to identify the customer’s wishes, so that we can offer advice in the various steps of the process: User Requirement Spec à Concept Design à Basic Design à Detailed Design à Construction (mechanical engineering + EI&A) à Qualification (IQ, OQ, PQ) à Validation à Service en Training.


Due to a shortage of in-house project/process engineers, much knowledge was lost in industry. Increasingly customers are looking for specific advice. They identify their needs in production, and in close consultation with the customer, the Smink Group produces a design and remains involved through to IQ/OQ. In other words we can supply installations from initial request right through to handover.

Smink translates the User Requirement Specifications (URS) and Functional Design Specifications (FDS) into a fully functioning skid system.



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