Smink Group high purity piping systems. We fabricate and install process piping systems for use in the pharmaceutical, semiconductor, food and chemical industries

High-end Pipe Fabrication and Installation of pipes that transport process fluids including air, clean steam, water, industrial gases, fuels and chemicals.


Smink not only allows itself to be challenged by the requirements of its customers, but continuously sets itself higher goals. We are an innovative company that constantly works on better, new, efficient…

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Smink is a company that thinks in terms of solutions. We view issues of customers as challenges that we deal with jointly and proactively. This is the power of innovation. Just challenge us! …
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Smink Group operates in the clean utility discipline where orbital welding (a welding technology that is used for high-quality pipe connections) is a rock-hard requirement…

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Smink is ISO 9001 (quality standard) certified and VCA** (SCC) certified (safety standard).The requirements of these standards have been processed in our Quality Management System (QMS).

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Recent Updates

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